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Lindsay Elizabeth

November 28th, 2009 (05:31 pm)

Scott and Nichole had a girl! Okay where are the pictures?

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November 17th, 2009 (05:00 pm)

Taking everything into account I guess still being alive isn't all that bad. Who'd have thought A-Fibrillation of the heart? New Diet and a week in the hospital and I'm down from 536 lbs. to 495 lbs. Looks like I am positive for Sleep Apnea. So waiting for the call to get a CPAP machine. Back aches like a mother from the sleep study. Wires, wires and more wires coming out of my head. Doc Woodard says the meds are why I feel so drained. Now we need to see what is wrong with Ginna's pain. CT & Ultra sound ruled out Appendix. So here we go.

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August 16th, 2009 (06:06 pm)
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Revenge, they say it is a double-edged sword. Be that as it may be, I find that reboot can be a double-edged sword. Word has it on the net that Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) is planning and has the green light for a Battlestar Galactica reboot. It's already been rebooted you say? Well, I guess that never stops Hollywood. Word also has it that before Lord High Ronald D. Moore rebooted the original Galactica that Singer was going to do a direct sequel to the 1978 series (which is what I personally wanted back then and before and ever since). Additional candy here (and this is where the revenge comes in) is that Singer's reboot will ignore the Moore universe. Sweet!!! No there is no word other than Glen Larson is producing with Singer of where this screen version is headed. No guarantee that they will return to the original well. Which at this point Hollywood has basically fucked up so much shit that it's really hard to give a damn any more. Still these new fans who came skulking up in the middle of the night and stole my sand and toys from my sandbox are now getting a kick in their teeth just like they kicked my teeth. Tit for tat.

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New Eats Place...Sonics is Super!

March 14th, 2009 (12:59 pm)

We made a trip to Rossford, checked out an Office Depot that was going out of business. Found Ginna a nice new steel case for her laptop.

Then we tried the Sonic's we saw on the trip to Arthur Treacher's. What an experience! Burgers to die for, nice fries...great service with genuine carhops! We have a drive-in once again!!!

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Arthur Treacher's Road Trip

March 8th, 2009 (08:05 pm)

Very nice Sunday. We played Warcraft, made a pair of Death Knights and that yen that Ginna has had for Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips over came us as the rainy day was slowing don. Freemont, Ohio has opened a store and we had the 46 minute trip. Nice scenery as we drove, rain clouds coming and going. Small town atmosphere all around us.

Not the same as it was in the day way back when the classics sign was the herald.

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Amanda at 21

February 25th, 2009 (06:14 pm)

Well, that momentous occasion has finally arrived hasn't it? One side of your ancestors would have said you have seen the passing of 252 moons. Think about it that way. It's like the opposite of checking your weight in British terms, which is stones and comes out to like 1 stone = 14 pounds. Such a long journey since the doctor and nurses lifted you from your Mom. That room, that place, the smell, the sounds...so distance and yet so close as if I could open a door and walk inside there again at your Mom's side. Calling my Mom about you. Telling your brother about you and the look on his face that he was a big brother. The gaming group being surprised. Your first summer at Oak Openings Park, then your first Christmas. Soon you would join in on Trick or Treat. Sad times when we could not afford a cake apiece for you and Scott, so we made you share. The good times and the bad times. The first time you were put in a safety swing set and the giggles you made. All the messes you made, all the head aches. You on a police motorcycle on Route 66. I washed you, cleaned you, clothed you, fed you, carried you in my arms and on my back. Walked beside you down so many paths and journeys. Your sudden rush attack on my legs when I came home from the gas store. Your home made cards on all occasions that you probably thought went unappreciated. I remember them, I was like too many people, too busy to pay you proper attention. Still, I remember them. I cherish them. Maybe I didn't say the things that were important to say at all the right times or often enough. You were there in my life as my child and to me, I guess that was good enough. Sometimes it seems to me that the important things are the simple things, like just having someone to walk through life with you and beside you. For all the good or bad, we have done that and we still take short walks from time to time. But sadly, that is what growing up is really about. You could have inherited a million dollars and it would be the same. Growing up means walking your own path and deciding who shares the paths with you. You are 21, now the big yahoo age. Legal limit and all that jazz. Somewhere in my mind, my heart and soul you turned 21 a while ago. So enjoy the new found borders of your American citizenship. My eyes can no longer be there to look ahead of the path you walk. My heart can be there, but rarely it seems my feet. Still I ask you, stop every once in a blue moon and remember the walks we shared.



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Computer Replacement

February 19th, 2009 (05:36 pm)

Wow, what a deal we both got! Matching PC's, a pair of HP Pavilion AMD PhenomX4 Quad-Core Windows Vista 64-bit. Only $449.99. New LCD monitors. Now I just need to replace my software and learn how to use this new Vista crap. I am beginning to hate progress. More and more I resist change for change's sake. Definitely feeling my age.

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Broken Hearts

February 15th, 2009 (08:02 pm)

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What can you do when someone you care about is suffering from a broken heart? Not a whole hell of a lot other than offer to be there if and when they need to talk. Offering advice just makes you seem like you think you know more or are all wise with a solution. No, the truth is you are as helpless as they are. Helpless because we are all people who feel and desire to reach for the love we desire. Everyone wants to be loved and when it is not returned in the way we want it to be returned we can feel hurt and or betrayed. Even when our brain is told this and we finally realized it for ourselves, it still hurts. Why? Because we don't love with our brain, we love with our hearts. The heart is many things both good and bad. The heart is generous but also greedy. Generous to give love freely, but greedy to want it returned in kind. The heart can be the all mighty healing tool of all eternity and the heart can be mortally wounded. The heart can be motivated by a million different joys and yet moved by a single sorrow to stop beating. The only thing I know is my heart aches when the heart of a loved one aches. I know I'm not the one who can make things better for the person I care about, but if I can offer to be there to listen or hold my cared one I will. For now, all I can offer is that my heart id sadden at the pain your feel.

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Granny Meets Alfred

February 5th, 2009 (08:42 am)

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As a child of the 60's I grew up on the usual varied television fare. Today I return to the morning rounds of "The Beverly Hillbillies" that I used to watch in the mornings with my Grandma as she baked her heavenly biscuits. Back then as a six year old I associated myself with the antics of Jethro. One week he wanted to be Robin Hood or a Knight in the Clampett Castle and then a "double-naught" spy, watch out Sean Connery. I've taken a rather lengthy break over the years staying away from the Clampetts after watching ever episode in syndication. Now at this advanced stage in life I am treated once again to Irene Ryan's character of Granny calling Jethro "a six and a half foot tall stomach" all while on an airplane bound for London. While I continue to laugh and probably at scenes I had not laughed at originally, sad thoughts sometimes invade another-wise wonderful return to a simpler time. Today the Clampetts would never make it off the ground in California let alone set down in London. During a commercial break I am reminded of one reason why. I saw a commercial for a new weight loss treatment similar to lap-band. One woman wants the procedure so she can fly to Paris with her husband. That is so wrong that a person is forbidden travel because of their weight. The Clampetts carried on board the four engine jet more pounds in food than what this lady looked over-weight as.

Meanwhile as London Customs confiscates all of Granny's medicinal supplies in her doctor bag after seeing her "unmentionables", she and Jed stop at a local Chemist shop. Here Jed and Granny are greeted by Alfred our trusty butler of stately Wayne Manor. Well not really, it's actually character actor Alan Napier who played Alfred. Still, there is something to be said when everyone in California has no idea what Granny is talking about 99% of the time and now while in London Alfred not only utters the immortals words to Granny of "Oh you are one of those kind of doctors", after she gives him her list of medical supplies to fill, but he begins reciting Shakespeare to Granny. Of course any attention by any man sets Granny to wonderment. Even if she has no idea who Shakespeare is. Back then we could just have honest simple fun with life. Set a spell, take your shoes.

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Toledo Edison upgrades us...

February 3rd, 2009 (10:30 am)

We have been living in the same apartment since before our daughter was born. Later this month she turns 21. Toledo Edison is replacing our transformer in the backyard. For any other purpose it has been anything but. A place thing to climb or picnic table to others, both my kids grew up in the background of it's hum. Now it is being replaced. Time marches on.